Our Partners

We always reiterate,man is a social animal and, tmr, is not alone in this technological journey toward a greener, more connected future. Our business partners are an integral part of our ecosystem, bringing expertise, resources and a network of relationships that enable us to offer comprehensive, high-quality solutions.

We believe in openness and clear communication, providing them with the support they need to meet challenges and seize new opportunities. Together with our partners, we create a solid infrastructure that enables us to reach new markets.

Let's Partner

Energy in motion

tmr proudly belongs to significant players in the mobility and energy industries, boasting prominent memberships that contribute to our continued growth and delivery of cutting-edge solutions. They reflect a commitment to maintaining high standards of excellence.

tmr for sports


tmr is proud to support the world of sports, which embodies the values of energy, passion and commitment. Energy is needed to achieve goals. Passion is what drives us forward, even when things get tough. Commitment is what makes us persevere, even when we do not see immediate results.

Alessandro Casella e Rosario Siragusano are Italian champions
Junior Rally 2022