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tmr® is a leading company in sustainable innovation, focusing on the development of green tech technologies that span the sectors of the Internet of Things, automation, and automotive. We create innovative solutions that combine operational efficiency with a reduced environmental impact. Our task is to introduce into the daily life of your company or city an ambitious project of sustainable mobility or green energy, through tangible, powerful, and cutting-edge solutions, designed with care and attention to directly address people’s needs. For us, ‘for people‘ is not just a motto, but an approach that permeates every aspect of our work, it’s about putting technology at the service of humanity.

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smart city

We build the cities of the future, capable of anticipating and adapting to changing trends, ensuring resilience and sustainability.

sustainable engineering

We drive efficiency and sustainability to new heights in fleet and energy management, turning challenges into opportunities.

data analytics

We turn data chaos into valuable insights that drive strategic decisions and turn the unknown into extraordinary opportunities.

embedded systems

Our embedded systems, skillful fusions of hardware and software, transform the inanimate into a powerful center of intelligence.


We build a masterpiece of connection, turning each object into a brush that colors the city, creating a living painting.


We responsibly shape AI, the magical element that transforms ordinary products into extraordinary experiences.

"We challenge today's technological conventions to understand other universes, people. By powering ambitious projects for smart mobility and green energy, we create new habitats for humans."

Tindaro Terranova, CEO



Even if you haven’t imagined it yet, tmr® already has an eco-friendly technological solution that’s right for you and helps you build strategies to meet your needs.

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