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This Code of Business Ethics defines the core values, principles and guidelines that govern the behavior and decisions of tmr® and its employees. The goal of the code is to promote an ethical and responsible culture within the organization, supporting our mission to improve environmental sustainability and sustainable mobility through the use of telematics technologies.

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innovation, sustainability and reliability

We believe that the future of mobility is based on flexible, accessible and shared services that adapt to people’s needs.
We are ready to guide you on this journey through time and space, with our energy, to a more connected, sustainable and efficient world.


tmr® is committed to being responsible in all its actions, considering the impact of its decisions on the environment, its customers, its employees, its suppliers, and the community at large.


tmr® promotes an inclusive and diverse work environment, encouraging collaboration, respect and appreciation of individual differences. We are committed to treating everyone with fairness and respect.



tmr® ‘s Code of Business Ethics represents our commitment to conduct our business with integrity, responsibility and respect for the environment and all stakeholders. Through the promotion and implementation of these values and principles, tmr® strives to create an ethical and responsible work environment, contributing to a more sustainable future and more efficient mobility for all.

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This, for the time being, is the only planet we have, we know that very well. It is our duty to take care of them in any way we can.