Your fully customized mobility system

If you are an individual or a P.A. and are looking for a way to offer a personalized mobility experience, the
White Label from tmr
Is the perfect solution. With the white label, you can create the
your own app
mobility app and your personal
management web area
, fully customized with your name, your logo, your personal application logic and your rate schedule. This allows you to promote your brand identity and offer a unique mobile experience to your users.

personalized mobility app

Create your own sharing app

You will have full control over the design, colors, and layout of the app, allowing you to create an intuitive and engaging interface for your users. You can also customize the app’s features, adding specific services and adapting them to your needs. The White Label App with youMove® core is your application that allows the user to manage every movement in a simple and intuitive way: every vehicle is just a click away.

Features for the user

Through SaaS access, Software as a Service, it will be possible to use the following features:

Unlocking/locking the vehicle

Vehicle management

Real-time availability of vehicles

Reservation management

Travel history and analysis

Wallet management and reloading

Custom management web area

Create your own web manager

This web area offers you complete control over the backend of your mobility service. You will be able to effectively monitor and manage vehicles, users, bookings, and all operational aspects of your service. With the customized management web area, you’ll have access to tools and data analytics that will help you make informed decisions to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your mobility service.
It’s a functional management model for intermodal sharing of bikes, cargo, scooters, and cars, fully integrated. With youMove® core, the Web Manager is entirely designed and supported by tmr and assists administrators in organizing movements flexibly, providing managers with basic information sharing.

Features for the manager

At the on-demand level, it enables route and information sharing, providing various subscription models and unlimited access to transportation services. The management software allows administrators complete management and control of the fleet management, rental and sharing system. Includes:


Contains a summary of the circuit developed in recent days.

Account management

To manage related functions such as synchronization of profile information.

Business management

To manage related functions such as synchronizing profile information and associating one or more members with a company.

Vehicle Management

To manage related functions such as synchronizing vehicle information, performing unlocking or locking, checking vehicle status.

Reservation management

To manage all reservations, distinguish vehicle assignments, and take over trip details.

Travel Management

To manage all open and closed trips and/or runs, monitoring distance, route and amounts.

Order Management

To manage all orders according to different criteria and functionalities.

Voucher management

Allows you to open the various vouchers and allocate them.

Travel Simulator

A real travel simulator that allows you to calculate fares.

Maintenance analysis

Allows you to monitor the status of vehicles.

Event Analysis

Allows you to monitor via check lists the actions of trips, vehicles, accounts, payments, reservations and orders.

Your functionality

Whatever other business logic you want to implement!

realize your vehicle sharing

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