Process reliability

Renting and Leasing companies face the challenge of efficiently managing vehicle fleets and rental contracts. It is necessary to monitor vehicle use, ensure proper maintenance, simplify administrative processes, and provide timely support services.


Efficient fleet control

youMove® is the complete fleet and rental management solution. Our platform enables real-time monitoring of vehicles, facilitating maintenance and repair management. We also offer the ability to monitor vehicle usage, providing valuable data for efficient management. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that provides an extra layer of protection in case the vehicle is stolen.


Operational efficiency and optimization

Renting and Leasing companies that use youMove® benefit from optimized fleet management, with real-time monitoring, efficient maintenance, and streamlined support services. Our platform automates administrative processes, simplifying contract management and improving overalloperational efficiency.

Why youMove®?

youMove® represents the future of fleet management for Renting and Leasing companies. We offer a comprehensive solution, integrating advanced features for efficient fleet and rental management.

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