Control of one's own vehicle

Managing one’s private vehicle involves several challenges, such as performance monitoring, route planning, maintenance management, and vehicle safety. It is necessary to have a complete overview of the vehicle’s activities and maximize its efficiency.


Cost and travel planning

youMove® provides a complete solution for managing your private vehicle. Our platform offers real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, data on fuel or energy consumption, charging in the case of electric vehicles, maintenance, mileage and driving time. Advanced route planning and optimization features help reduce travel time and improve vehicle efficiency. In addition, youMove® Ghost provides an advanced security system to protect the vehicle from emergency situations and possible theft.


Total control of the vehicle

youMove® offers numerous benefits for managing your private vehicle. You will have more control over preventive maintenance, reducing the risk of road mishaps by monitoring vehicle condition. You can also contribute to environmental sustainability by choosing more efficient routes and adopting green driving practices. Our platform is highly customizable, and our team of experts provides technical support, training, and customized consulting. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that offers additional protection if the vehicle is stolen.

Why youMove®?

By choosing youMove® to manage your private vehicle, you can optimize vehicle use, improve the driving experience, and ensure greater safety on the road. Our platform is highly configurable to fit your specific needs. Join us to simplify and improve the management of your private vehicle.

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