Providing smart mobility

OEMs and automakers are faced with the challenge of offering innovative and customized mobility services. There is a need to integrate advanced technologies into vehicles to improve the customer experience, safety, andreliability of the vehicles.


Advanced connectivity

youMove® is the solution that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers and automakers to leverage advanced technologies to deliver intelligent services. Our platform integrates keyless access and startup systems, performance monitoring and advanced connectivity. In addition to this, it provides valuable data on driving behavior and vehicle use, enabling continuous and personalized improvements. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that provides an extra layer of protection in case the vehicle is stolen.


Advanced customization and management

OEMs and automakers using youMove® benefit from a wide range of advantages. Our platform enhancescustomer experience, increasesoperational efficiency, and promotes sustainability. We offer customized mobility services, improving connectivity and enabling advanced vehicle management.

Why youMove®?

youMove® represents the future of fleet management for OEMs and automakers. Our platform offers a wide range of features that enable intelligent and personalized mobility services.

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