Risk assessment

Insurance companies and brokers face the challenge of accurately assessing the risks associated with driving and providing efficient policy administration. It is necessary to have access to reliable and personalized data to properly assess insurance premiums and effectively manage claims.


Optimized policy management

youMove® represents the solution that transforms insurance policy management. Our platform collects data from vehicles, enabling accurate risk assessment. This results in more accurate premium assessments and optimized claims management. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that provides an extra layer of protection in case the vehicle is stolen.


Tailored rates and efficient policy management

Insurance companies and brokers using youMove® benefit from a more accurate risk assessment, allowing customized rates that reflect actual driving behavior. This results in greater efficiency in policy and claims management, improving customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

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Scopri youMove® VehicleResQ e le altre soluzioni per la sicurezza

VehicleResQ (Vehicle Rescue) youMove® is an innovative service focused on reducing deductibles for theft and fire-related claims in the field of vehicle insurance. This service stands out for its approach centered on active driver engagement, promoting safe behaviors and prevention practices. Additionally, the program provides educational resources and training programs to enhance awareness of vehicle safety.

certainty and security

Why youMove®?

youMove® represents the future of insurance fleet management. Our platform offers insurance companies and brokers the opportunity to transform the way they manage policies and offer services to customers.

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