Installers face daily challenges related to efficiency, safety and quality of installations. Streamlining work, optimizing installations, and staying abreast of regulations and industry best practices is critical.



We offer a wide range of products and services for installers, covering different sectors, such as energy, automation, and telematics. Our innovative solutions are designed to simplify installers’ work, optimize installations and ensure high-quality results.


Quality services and devices

Our products and services offer many benefits to installers. You can improve your performance, offer added value to customers and stand out from the competition. In addition, we provide in-depth technical training, after-sales support and personalized advice to ensure a long-term partnership.

Why youMove®?

Our collaboration with installers is based oncustomized solutions, compliance with regulations and industry best practices. We offer ongoing support and aim to transform the way you install and manage your solutions. Join us for successful collaboration and to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the installer industry.

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