Manage heavy vehicles

The management of trailers and trucks can be complex and expensive. It is necessary to monitor the location of vehicles, manage fuel use, and ensure proper maintenance. In addition, vehicle security is a priority, and it can be difficult to protect them from theft or emergency situations.


Control over routes, maintenance and consumption

youMove® simplifies trailer and truck management . Our platform enables real-time monitoring of vehicle location and condition, helping to manage fuel use, monitor maintenance and identify problems early. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that offers additional protection in case the vehicle is stolen.


Equipment efficiency and cost reduction

youMove® offers numerous benefits for trailer and truck management. You will be able to improveoperational efficiency, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and ensure greater vehicle safety. youMove® Ghost provides a hidden tracking device that continues to transmit the vehicle’s location if the main device is stolen or disabled.

Why youMove®?

youMove® is the future of fleet management for trailers and trucks. Our platform simplifies management and provides an additional layer of security with youMove® Ghost.

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