integration and flexibility

Smart devices

With youMove® control is in our hands, efficiency merges with urban dreams. In the world of IoT, Internet of Things, andArtificial Intelligence, new technological frontiers are merging to create an increasingly connected and intelligent future.

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence and the interconnectedness of IoT, the youMove® Devices fit as a key element within the smart city, enabling advanced control and monitoring of infrastructure and services, offering effective management solutions for the mobility, the road safety and efficiency of cities by facilitating the management of public transportation.

youMove® is not just a smart city solution, it is much more. Its versatility allows its benefits to be extended to multiple sectors, such as freight transportation, vehicle rental, logistics , and many others. At tmr® we create an ecosystem where connectivity and intelligence combine to improve lives.

for the car

youMove® Car Control System

The youMove® monitoring and control device, seamlessly integrated with the youMove® fleet management platform, offers a wide range of features for complete vehicle control.

Through this it is possible to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle but also provides a set of detailed monitoring functions such as: door status, fuel level, engine speed, and, for electric cars, information on battery level and charging status.
This device is a comprehensive solution for effective fleet monitoring and management as well as individual vehicle monitoring and management.

for bikes to station

youMove® SmartHook

The youMove® SmartHook control and tracking device is designed specifically for controlling and tracking bicycles within a station-based sharing system.

This innovative tool offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to efficiently manage bicycle fleets and improve the user experience.
Equipped with advanced tracking technology, the youMove® device allows each bicycle to be precisely located within the system, facilitating the booking process for users.

for free floating bikes

youMove® SmartLock

The youMove® SmartLock device is designed for controlling and tracking bicycles within a free-floating sharing or rental system. It offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently unlock, lock, and manage free-floating bicycle fleets and improve the user experience.

Equipped with advanced tracking technology, youMove® SmartLock allows you to accurately locate each bicycle in the system and acts as a secure bike locking and unlocking system.

for scooters

youMove® eScooter Control System

The youMove® device for eScooter is an advanced system for controlling and monitoring scooters. Through remote control, performance tracking and safety features, it offers users a safer and more efficient driving experience.

This device allows you to locate the scooter in real time, control it remotely, lock and unlock it, monitor its performance, adjust its power, and receive safety alerts.
It also enables eScooter sharing through the rental or sharing system managed by the youMove® platform, the comprehensive MaaS fleet management system, which enhances eScooter management and experience.

for each vehicle

youMove® Ghost

Safety is a top priority in the transportation sector. Therefore, we developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that provides an additional layer of protection.

This additional device is designed to be hidden in the vehicle and serves as a backup in case the vehicle is stolen. If the primary tracking device is disabled or removed, youMove® Ghost continues to transmit the vehicle’s location, allowing you to track it.
With youMove® Ghost, you can be assured that your vehicles are protected. This hidden tracking device gives you the peace of mind to focus on day-to-day operations, knowing that you have the resources to deal effectively with emergency situations.

how to manage devices

youMove® Core

Paired with youMove® Core, our Devices enable service operators, to monitor the location of vehicles in real time, providing accurate information about their availability and, through a wireless connection, the device collects and transmits essential data, such as the state of the battery, the number of miles driven, and the integrity of major components. This information enables operators to plan preventive maintenance and ensure that vehicles are always in optimal condition for users.

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