Fleet management

Dealers face challenges such as efficiently managing vehicle fleets and providing high-quality services to customers. There is a need to optimizeoperational efficiency, ensure preventive maintenance, and provide a personalized mobility experience.


Proactive vehicle control

youMove® is the solution that transforms vehicle fleet management. Our platform integrates green tech technologies and provides real-time data on driving behavior, vehicle use, and maintenance. This data enables proactive management, optimizing preventive maintenance. Integration with payment and billing systems simplifies administrative processes. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that provides an extra layer of protection in case the vehicle is stolen.


Fleet optimization and advanced telemetry services

Our Dealer partners can improveoperational efficiency, streamline fleet management processes, and deliver a state-of-the-art mobility experience. Proactive telemetry-based management makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs, assess risks, and provide timely roadside assistance services.

Why youMove®?

youMove® represents the future of fleet management. We offer Dealers a comprehensive solution that leverages green tech to improve operational efficiency and provide a personalized mobility experience.

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