Corporate route planning

Managing a corporate fleet involves several challenges, such as vehicle tracking, route planning, maintenance management, and efficient sharing of vehicles among employees. It is necessary to have a complete overview of fleet activities and maximize vehicle utilization.


Operating cost savings

youMove® provides a comprehensive solution for managing your corporate fleet. Our platform offers real-time monitoring of vehicles, data on fuel or energy consumption, maintenance, mileage and delivery times. Advanced route planning and optimization features help reduce travel time and streamline vehicle use. In addition, youMove® enables efficient management of corporate vehicle sharing among employees.


Streamlining costs and travel

youMove® offers numerous benefits for managing your corporate fleet. You will have more control over preventive maintenance, reducing traffic accidents by monitoring driving behaviors. You can also reduce carbon emissions by adopting electric or hybrid vehicles. Our platform is highly customizable, and our team of experts provides technical support, training, and personalized advice. In addition, we have developed youMove® Ghost, a hidden tracking device that offers ‘additional protection in case your vehicle is stolen.

Why youMove®?

By choosing youMove® for your corporate fleet management, you can optimize operations, improve productivity and promote environmental sustainability. Our platform is highly configurable to fit each company’s specific needs. Join us in transforming your corporate fleet management. The future of fleet management is youMove®.

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