youMove® MaaS Platform & Sharing System

Bike Sharing Docked

youmove station

Automated station

The automated station is fully designed and manufactured by tmr® in Italy and allows for the locking and unlocking of bikes in total harmony in the youMove® Vehicle Sharing system.

The station accommodates any type of bike, muscular or electric, also allowing automatic charging.

The bikes are usable via theyouMove® mobile app with ease.

Expandability and removability

Safety and durability

BoostBack system

Integrated charging system

zero impact to the environment

Modular and eco-friendly design

The stations were designed by tmr® to modules of 3 easily installed and possibly moved, with minimal impact on existing pavements. All station modules are made of quality sheet metal, treated and powder coated to ensure maximum durability and best weather resistance.

In addition, the central body containing the electronics can be removed during the winter period or when the service is closed, leaving only a simple and unobtrusive metal railing.

The station design is protected by a patent from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the design patent number is 009187487-0001

seamless coupling

Easy, like riding a bicycle

The bike is locked by inserting the front hub of the bike into the docking system on the station so that the bike is locked without any effort or need for electricity.

Unlocking is done via one-tap app. Simple, right?

monitoring and control

The system in the palm of your hand

The BoostBack system enables service stations to react remotely and intelligently to operational problems and needs.

In addition, youMove® stations can monitor and respond in real time to a variety of situations, such as fault or technical problem detection, energy supply management, access control, and more.

This makes it possible to optimize the use of resources, maintenance ensuring continuous and high quality service to users.


Photovoltaic carport

We also thought about the station’s energy self-sufficiency through a non-invasive photovoltaic shelter with a peak power of 6.4 kW and consisting of 16 400W panels.

It is capable of producing about 9,000 kWh annually, enough for the station’senergy balance. In addition, the storage system of 10 kWh will meet the nighttime consumption of the bike sharing station.


Safe Hub

We created Safe Hub, an elegant enclosed structure that protects the station, accessible only through the youMove® app by scanning the QR Code.

Safe Hub is equipped with an electronically lockable door, lighting, and maintenance point for bicycles and provides protected shelter for the vehicles, extending the life of the system and further protecting it from vandalism.


Information panel

The station can be equipped with an information board arranged to accommodate a coordinated image of both infrastructure and bicycles, so that citizens/users can be assured that the service is recognizable in all its forms, including the mode of use.

Made of weather-resistant plexiglass, it will not mar or lose color.

alpha kit

Station to be restored?

Any old existing bike share system can be restructured and integrated with tmr’sAlpha Kit , which is specially structured to integrate pre-existing systems.

With our conversion kit, non-functioning stations are transformed into up-to-date, fully operational systems while maintaining existing infrastructure and, all in a short time.

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