Man is what he plans to be and in tmr we design to be better than yesterday and more competent tomorrow.

How do we address the challenges facing humanity in the future? We try to understand this in advance and work constantly to be ready to deal with them in an environmentally sustainable way and with technologically advanced solutions.

We build together

Designing mobility

When deciding to launch a telematics-based green mobility solution, it is crucial to consider the end-user experience. tmr’s approach allows customers to explore all available applications and be guided step by step in selecting the most appropriate solutions and user experiences. This is accomplished through a customized plan that is tailored to the specific needs of clients and the required time to market.

Consulting, training and mobility

The design phase of a multi-vehicle mobility system involves the development of a robust, well-structured architecture to enable the efficient exchange of information between vehicles and the management system. tmr provides companies and P.A. with a team of experts dedicated to supporting the launch of sustainable mobility projects or optimizing existing ones.

Let's compare

During the phase preceding the actual design, known as “Start,” comparison is essential to consider all specifications aimed at ensuring a smulti-vehicle sharing system efficient, reliable and safe. The proper structuring and design of the system must be based on a thorough analysis of the starting needs, which will allow for an optimized and functional flow of information at the planning and development stage.

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