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In a rapidly changing world, the challenges related to sustainable mobility and efficient energy are more pressing than ever. However, challenges also bring extraordinary opportunities to innovate and create lasting impact. tmr® is excited to invite companies and professionals to join us in this mission to build a better future through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Core youMove®

Explore the future of mobility

The youMove® core mobility system is our pride and your opportunity to revolutionize the industry. We invite you to collaborate with tmr® to design sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, transportation company, or industry expert, your experience and our technology will come together to create customized solutions that will redefine mobility.

EnAudit Energy® core

Advanced monitoring for large energy projects

Efficient energy management is crucial for a sustainable future. If you are working on a large energy project, tmr® is here to partner with you. Leverage our expertise inengineering and monitoring to develop integrated solutions that optimize energy use and increase efficiency. Together, we can address complex challenges and contribute to the responsible use of energy resources.

Monitoring and Control

Environmentally friendly technological solutions

Technological innovation is at the heart of what we do. If you have an idea that involves device monitoring and control, know that tmr® is ready to embrace that challenge. We are passionate about developing environmentally friendly solutions that have a real impact on the environment while being at the forefront of technology. Join us to create a sustainable future through innovation.

We Embrace the Challenges

We are ready to build

For years, tmr® has been a leader in engineering and technological innovation. Each challenge is anopportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise and work together to achieve extraordinary solutions. Whether you are an established business or a passionate professional, we invite you to join us in building a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Make your mark in the world of mobility, energy and environmentally friendly innovation.

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