youMove® MaaS Platform & Sharing System

Vehicle Sharing

Sharing System

The vehicle sharing system, developed entirely by tmr®, is suitable for small and large territories and ensures the proper functionality of vehicles.

User-friendly interface

youMove® has a simple and intuitive interface that incorporates the use of the latest and most effective technologies in development.

Unique wallet

youMove® allows you to aggregate all mobility solutions with pay-per-use, pay-as-you-go, and manage your own e-wallet.

for the environment

Sustainable mobility

We know well that the world, without a sustainable vision, will no longer have a future. The goal is still far away, but the solution for us is intermodal.
We cannot imagine a world without connections, which is why in tmr, through our solutions, component by component, from the application software toIoT, we create new habitats for travel.


A mobility ecosystem based on MaaS, Mobility as a Service, encourages citizens toward increasingly connected and sustainable mobility.

On-demand mobility

Innovation and simplicity to facilitate people's mobility with the integration of multiple vehicle sharing services.


Since 2017, tmr® has been part of the National Observatory "Sharing Mobility"

Public administration electronic marketplace

youMove® is also present on the MEPA

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for bikes

Bike Sharing youMove®

youMove® maintains the cloud bike sharing system and available modes include:
Station Based: provides automated, modular and expandable docking stations that enable bicycle pick-up and drop-off as well as e-bike charging.
Virtual Station: temporary stations, suitable for hotels and tourist centers for events or high season.
Free Floating: allows bicycles to be released anywhere within a perimeter. Bicycles can be unlocked via the youMove® mobile app, using QR codes or geolocated selection on the map.

for scooters

eScooter Sharing youMove®

In eScooter sharing, youMove® offers two modes:
Station Based: scooters are picked up and dropped off at strategic locations, such as subway stations or public parking lots or other areas set up to release eScooters.
– Free Floating: eScooters can be picked up and dropped off freely within a designated operational area, without fixed stations. Users locate and unlock scooters via the youMove® mobile app and can safely park them to make them available to other users.

for cars

Car Sharing youMove®

In car sharing, youMove® offers two types of modes:
Station Based: vehicles available at designated parking stations, with advance reservation and pick-up and drop-off defined. This mode offers organized and centralized vehicle management, and is suitable for short-, medium-, and long-term rental periods.
Free Floating: cars distributed in a specific operational area, without fixed parking. Users can pick up and drop off their cars at different locations within the operational area, with no restrictions on time or specific location. This mode offers flexibility for short and occasional trips.

A single mobility solution

youMove® app

youMove® is in digital stores with tmr® ‘s newest free app that allows users to make the most of the intermodal sharing service.
Users can find vehicles near their location through the youMove®app on their smartphones, can book the vehicle, and then start the journey directly on the spot.
In just a few taps for the user, the following features will be available:

  • Unlocking/locking the vehicle;
  • vehicle management;
  • Real-time availability of vehicles;
  • Account and subscription management;
  • reservation management;
  • Wallet management and reloading;
  • historical and travel analysis;
  • circuit management.

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