tmr® and Infoclic

A partnership for mobility innovation and a more eco-friendly future

Creating a more sustainable environment with the benefits of soft mobility


Infoclic S.r.l.




Sustainable mobility systems.


Vehicle Sharing youMove®

"The collaboration between Infoclic and tmr® reflects the essential synergy between disparate expertise to address global challenges and shape a future in which digital evolution merges with mobility, creating a sustainable ecosystem that connects people, spaces and cities."

Franco Costanza, Administrator of Infoclic

The client and the context
Infoclic is a young and dynamic web consulting and services company specializing in the management, development and innovation of green tools for true sustainable mobility. The main purpose of the project, is to offer green services, i.e., aimed at improving lifestyle and smart services, aimed at technological innovation.

The goal
Infoclic ‘s goal is to provide advanced and sustainable mobility solutions, helping to create a greener environment and promote sustainable mobility. With a focus on green systems for mobility, Infoclic aims to improve the efficiency and quality of transportation services, fostering a positive impact on the environment.

The tmr® solution
In this context, Infoclic collaborated with tmr®, which provided mobility services. By partnering with tmr® and adopting the mobility solutions offered by tmr, Infoclic has implemented several bike sharing and eScooter sharing systems suited to the needs of connecting spaces and cities.

The advantages

Promotion of sustainable mobility
The vehicle Bike sharing with core youMove® and eScooter sharing have enabled Infoclic to promote environmentally friendly and economical transportation, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Efficiency in fleet management
With the youMove® core tracking and control system, Infoclic has been able to optimize fleet management, ensuring efficient maintenance, proper repositioning of vehicles, and optimal use of available resources.

Improved experience
The partnership with tmr® and the adoption of the mobility solutions have enabled Infoclic to offer modern, convenient and accessible urban mobility services, improving the transportation experience and meeting their needs.

The collaboration between Infoclic and tmr® represents a successful example of the synergy between innovation and mobility services provided by tmr. This partnership has helped create a more sustainable environment and fostered the connection between spaces and cities, embracing the benefits of micromobility.