rationalization of travel


tmr® wants to contribute to mobility efficiency. For this reason, it has also thought of youMove® as a platform to support mobility management, both in the construction phase of the Home-Work Displacement Plan and in the subsequent monitoring phase.
The fundamental aim is to reduce the use of private vehicles in favor of smarter transportation systems that can reflect the concrete needs of the local area.

home-work travel plan

Mobility manager

The goal is to help draft the PSCL, using various means at hand such as statistical tools, questionnaires, and geocoding tools. This must be followed by the implementation of a monitoring system, with the definition of a methodology and the identification of indicators, which can provide shared social, cultural and economic objectives, with reduced impact for the community.

impact of transportation

Congestion and environmental impact

youMove® provides a public service that enables the mobility manager to identify various strategies to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Through our application, it is possible for companies and public administrations to create a knowledge base of corporate mobility that can bring concrete solutions.
As a fleet management platform, MaaS youMove® aims to accompany the
transformation of the mobility system, tmr® is part of this revolution, with the belief that interconnected transportation and mobility as a service are the only way to create a new frontier for travel.

The solution for the mobility manger

Planning and control features

An AI-supported Home-Work Displacement Plan.

Integration with on-board devices

Integration with other systems

Process automation

Vehicle monitoring

Route planning and management

Reporting and analysis

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