Road safety is not a destination to be reached, but a path to follow to protect precious lives and build a connected future.


Infodrive S.p.A.




Improving road safety and preserving the fleet


youMove® Car Control System

"We are extremely satisfied with the partnership with tmr, whose level of professionalism, availability punctuality and efficiency of services provided have been truly appreciated. The adoption of the tracking and control devices provided by tmr has achieved concrete results in vehicle monitoring, improving road safety and preserving the value of our company."

Angela Tricarico, Sole Administrator of Infodrive S.p.A.

The Client and the Context
is an Italian company specialized in the automotive sector. The main goal of Infodrive is to offer its customers the best car-related assistance services. This is made possible thanks to a highly qualified staff that has focused on exclusive affiliation with specialized facilities, including roadside rescuers, auto repairers, and spare parts dealers. This strategic choice allows Infodrive to provide comprehensive 360-degree assistance, unique of its kind, to its customers.

The Objective
In 2018, Infodrive’s main goal was to improve road safety and preserve the value of its large vehicle fleet. Through the adoption of youMove® monitoring and control devices, Infodrive can now monitor and locate vehicles in real-time in the event of an accident or damage, providing detailed information on driving style and telemetrics. This promotes safer driving behaviors, prevents road accidents, and reduces the risk of theft or damage to vehicles.

The tmr Solution
offers a comprehensive solution for road safety and vehicle sharing.
The youMove® solutions provided by tmr allow for real-time monitoring of vehicle locations, transmitting information about driving style, speed, acceleration, and other relevant telemetrics. This data is crucial for identifying and correcting risky driving behaviors, improving vehicle efficiency, and ensuring optimal fleet management.
Additionally, tmr also provides integrated solutions for bike sharing and scooters, thereby promoting sustainable and intelligent transportation modes.
With youMove® Web Manager, the Proactive Crash Assistance solutions offer immediate support to drivers in emergency situations, using cutting-edge technology to process accident information and provide real-time assistance at the reported location.
For accident management, youMove® offers an integrated and technologically advanced approach, leveraging data captured by onboard devices to notify relevant parties immediately and initiate the accident management process. The reconstruction of the collected data provides a detailed view of the accident dynamics, facilitating investigation and damage assessment. Through the Vehicle Immobilizer system, youMove® prevents unauthorized vehicle ignition through an engine block controlled by the ECU unit, ensuring greater security.
The youMove® security solutions ensure the protection and efficiency of every vehicle. In the case of unauthorized movements or violations of predefined zones, security systems immediately activate alarms and notifications, allowing for quick response and the intervention of relevant authorities. Using advanced technologies and monitoring systems, youMove® provides effective protection against theft and vandalism risks, ensuring greater safety.

The Benefits

Improvement of Road Safety
Through real-time monitoring and information on driving style, it's possible to identify and correct risky behaviors, promoting safer driving and preventing road accidents.

Fleet Safety
The localization and constant monitoring of vehicles reduce the risk of theft or damage, preserving the value of the fleet and reducing costs associated with such events.

Full Support
The data provided by the monitoring and control devices allow for more efficient fleet management through the youMove® Web Manager platform, optimizing response times.

In conclusion, the adoption of youMove® solutions allows Infodrive to improve road safety, preserve the fleet, and promote sustainable mobility. Thanks to advanced technology and dedicated support, tmr is the ideal partner to face the challenges of vehicle management and road safety in the current context.

For tmr and Infodrive, road safety is not a goal to achieve, but a journey to follow to protect precious lives and build a connected future.