fleet management

Integrated vehicle control

Vehicle telematics management is a crucial element in the transition to connected vehicles of the smart cities, offering direct and indirect benefits in cost control and integrated management of your fleet.

youMove®, being a fleet management platform, not only provides services and information to users and managers, but also offers the possibility of sharing and management harmonization of sustainable mobility strategies, facilitating the planning, implementation and monitoring activities of the services offered and business performance. Based on telematics and context data, it facilitates the control of operational costs.

Insurance and Brokers? Dealer? Renting and Leasing? OEMs and Automobile Manufacturers? Corporate fleet? Trailers and heavy vehicles?

So many variables, so many vehicles to connect, only one answer:

fleet management

Fleet Management

The youMove® management software allows administrators to have complete management and control of the fleet management system, being suitable for fleets of any size, consisting of any type of vehicle, it offers simplified solutions for diagnostics, facilitating the process of using data from connected vehicles.
The application enables integrated and efficient fleet management. This ready-to-use solution allows the fleet manager to always have an up-to-date view of the fleet, assign vehicles, and monitor key vehicle utilization statistics.

End-to-end solution

Specially designed to meet all needs.

Web management area

User-differentiated profiles and services.

We do not confuse movement and progress, but without one the other cannot exist, which is why through Fleet Analytics we provide additional services.

Data Analytics

Fleet Analysis

At tmr we have been doing telematics for more than two decades, for people and with people, to make life a little smarter. The mobility and information ecosystems are nothing without connection. Data analytics has thickened the net, opened the door to new possibilities and started the path to innovation to discover hidden connections. Through the analysis and interpretation of this information, we are able to peer into the past, understand the present and even look into the future. Data from connected media are an asset when subjected to careful analysis, combined and integrated with each other. YouMove® solutions simplify the use of data from vehicles, offering innovative diagnostic services that help define new business models.

analytics functionality

Fuel monitoring

Path detection

Analysis of driver behavior

Maintenance management

Analysis of emissions

Energy efficiency management

Data interpretation

Fleet Analytics

youMove® is an advanced system for analyzing drivers’ driving behavior. This personalized approach allows insurance companies to accurately assess the risk index associated with each driver and offer more competitive rates tailored to their driving habits; all through youMove® devices. For companies, risk scoring also allows them to assess the risk exposure of the entire fleet. YouMove® security solutions are a key element in ensuring the protection and efficiency of every car and vehicle, including the corporate fleet. Through the use of advanced technologies and monitoring systems, the service provides effective protection against the risks of theft and vandalism.

functionality solutions

Proactive Crash Guard

The youMove® solutions use machine learning AI, which processes information gathered during the incident and reports the incident to the operations center in real time.

Parking Protection

On any type of vehicle, youMove® activates this feature; the system constantly monitors the vehicle and generates an alarm if it is moved, even if the engine is turned off.

Vehicle Immobilizer

The youMove® solution is equipped with an engine block system that acts on the engine block via ECU instruction and provides vehicle lockout functionality.

Damage management

youMove® offers an integrated, technologically advanced approach to end-to-end claims management, immediately notifying stakeholders and initiating the incident management process.

Magic? No, just a conscious use of technology and its possible implementations.

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