Outlining a future in which the concept of vehicle sharing blends harmoniously with the entire transportation system


AMAT Palermo S.p.A.




Promoting a mobility alternative, integrated with public transport in Sicily.


Vehicle sharing with youMove® core.

"AmiGO, with its innovative intermodal sharing service, offers Sicilian citizens an unprecedented opportunity to organize their commute in a flexible, convenient and efficient manner. Thanks to amiGO, citizens can take advantage of a wide range of transportation options, including bicycles and shared cars, allowing them to adapt their mobility choices to different needs and everyday situations."

Domenico Caminiti, General Manager AMAT Palermo S.p.A.

The client and the context
AMAT S.p.A. is an Italian company active in public transportation and urban mobility. Azienda Municipalizzata Auto Trasporti is an in-house company of the municipality of Palermo that is licensed to manage the local public transportation service in the Sicilian capital and part of its metropolitan city, as well as to provide parking pricing, forced vehicle removal and technical and economic management of the restricted traffic zone.

The goal
In 2022, AMAT aimed to promote atransportation alternative in Sicily, in addition to the micromobility system provided in 2015 by tmr in Palermo. By partnering with tmr and adopting the youMove® core car sharing solution, AMAT has been able to offer Sicilian citizens a modern, efficient, safe and integrated urban and intercity mobility service: amiGO.

The tmr solution
tmr, a leader in vehicle sharing, provided AMAT with the amiGO solution, powered by youMove®. With this software, AMAT is able to effectively manage the shared bicycle and car fleet while providing affordable and quality service to citizens. YouMove® monitoring and control systems enable AMAT to monitor the location deli vehicles in real time, ensuring optimal resource management and user safety.
AmiGO Web Manager is the web area from which management of all services offered by amiGO takes place; it is a fully integrated functional model for managing intermodal bike and car sharing. The new amiGO system, with a youMove® heart, is entirely designed and supported by tmr and helps users organize their trips flexibly by giving them unlimited possibilities: it offers operators sharing of basic information, schedules, prices and multimodal routes, develops the method of paying for the overall route, at the level on-demand enables route and information sharing, providing various subscription models and unlimited access to transportation services. TheamiGO app is the application that connects users to the entire intermodal sharing system. The simplicity of the interface allows every move to be managed easily and intuitively-every vehicle is just a click away.

The advantages

Reducing costs and environmental impact
Car sharing allows people to share the use of a car, this reduces the individual costs associated with buying, maintaining and insuring a car. It also helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Greater flexibility and convenience
Provides a flexible alternative to private car ownership or Local Public Transportation. Users can book a car when they need it, which allows them to tailor their choice of vehicle to the specific needs of each occasion.

Efficiency in fleet management
YouMove® monitoring and control systems enable AMAT to have constant control over the shared bicycle fleet and cars, optimizing maintenance, repositioning, and resource utilization.

Quality service for citizens
By partnering with tmr and adopting the car sharing solution, AMAT is able to offer a modern, convenient and affordable urban mobility service, meeting the needs of citizens and improving the LPT.

The partnership between tmr and AMAT constitutes an exemplary model of success in addressing the multiple challenges of urban mobility, outlining a future in which the concept of vehicle sharing blends harmoniously with the entire transportation system, synergistically connecting the city, its spaces and its citizens.