Building a future where micromobility meets transportation, connecting the city, spaces and citizens.


AMAT Palermo S.p.A.




Promoting a sustainable transportation alternative in Palermo.


Bike sharing with core youMove®

"We are excited about the collaboration with tmr, the high level of expertise, timeliness, punctuality and effectiveness of the services provided. Thanks to the adoption of tmr's bike sharing solution, AMAT has been able to offer an innovative, sustainable and highly efficient urban mobility service. The adoption of this solution has enabled significant intercity improvements, offering the citizens of Palermo an environmentally friendly and convenient transportation alternative."

Domenico Caminiti, General Manager AMAT Palermo S.p.A.

The client and the context
AMAT S.p.A. is an Italian company active in public transportation and urban mobility. Azienda Municipalizzata Auto Trasporti is an in-house company of the municipality of Palermo that is licensed to manage the local public transportation service in the Sicilian capital and part of its metropolitan city, as well as to provide parking pricing, forced vehicle removal and technical and economic management of the restricted traffic zone.

The goal
In 2015, AMAT aimed to promote asustainable transportation alternativein Palermo. Thanks to the synergy with tmr and the adoption of the bike sharing solution with core youMove®, AMAT has been able to offer citizens a modern, efficient, safe and integrated urban mobility service: amiGO. The goal was to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of daily transportation, thereby reducing the number of vehicles on the road and contributing to a more sustainable and livable city.

The tmr solution
tmr, a leader in the bike sharing industry, provided AMAT with the youMove® core solution. With the software, AMAT is able to effectively manage the shared bicycle fleet, providing an affordable and quality service to citizens. YouMove® tracking and control systems enable AMAT to monitor the location of bicycles in real time, ensuring optimal resource management and user safety.
In 2015, the Palermo Municipal Auto Transport Company started a fruitful collaboration with tmr, introducing the tmr bike sharing system in the city. Currently, the network includes as many as 44 stations equipped with traditional bicycles. Each station is specially designed to ensure safe locking and automated release of bicycles. Once borrowed, bicycles can be used for commuting throughout the city and then returned at any station on the network. Bike sharing stations with youMove® cores are distinguished by a modular design, which ensures flexibility and scalability, allowing easy adaptability to different urban settings and the possibility of expansion according to capacity needs.

The advantages

Promotion of sustainable mobility
Bike sharing allows citizens to use an environmentally friendly and economical mode of transportation, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Efficiency in fleet management
YouMove® tracking systems enable AMAT to have constant control over the shared bicycle fleet, optimizing maintenance, repositioning, and resource utilization.

Quality service for citizens
By partnering with tmr and adopting the bike-sharing solution, AMAT is able to offer a modern, convenient and accessible urban mobility service, meeting citizens' needs and improving their transportation experience.

The collaboration between tmr and AMAT represents a successful model for addressing urban mobility challenges and building a future where micromobility meets transportation, connecting the city, spaces, and citizens.