Public Entities

youMove® MaaS Platform and Sharing System

Public Entities

We are proud to offer advanced solutions for P.A. and Public Entities, addressing the challenges of sustainable mobility. Our mission is to support them in achieving sustainability goals and improving the lives of citizens.


Ecological transition

Public and government agencies face challenges such as green transition and promoting sustainable mobility. Ensuring efficient and accessible transportation solutions that are integrated with Local Public Transportation is essential.


Sustainable mobility

We offer comprehensive solutions for public agencies and P.A.’s. YouMove® vehicle sharing offers a sustainable mobility option through a fleet of shared vehicles. A mobility ecosystem based on MaaS, Mobility as a Service, encourages citizens toward increasingly connected and intermodal mobility, projected toward endless possibilities.


Transportation service for citizens

YouMove® vehicle sharing strengthens mobility, reduces costs, and improvesaccessibility for citizens. A constantly evolving mix of innovation and simplicity with a clear goal: to facilitate people’s mobility through the integration of sharing services for multiple types of vehicles.

Why youMove®?

Vehicle sharing youMove® is an innovative and sustainable solution that enables Public Authorities and Local Authorities to provide citizens with a fleet of shared vehicles, accessible through a user-friendly application. This solution promotes sustainable mobility,transportation efficiency, cost reduction, and accessibility for citizens and tourists.

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