Avoiding waste

As we all seek to keep an eye on energy consumption-related expenses, the EnAudit Energy® platform is an ideal support tool for monitoring the real-time performance of all production and consumption facilities related to residential and commercial buildings. This tool provides immediate feedback on the status of facilities and overall energy efficiency, enabling rapid identification and resolution of any problems or inefficiencies.


Economic energy management

EnAudit Energy® offers a comprehensive dashboard to monitor the energy performance of residential and commercial buildings in real time. This tool provides instant feedback on plant efficiency, allowing inefficiencies to be quickly identified and resolved. Economic analysis tracks costs and benefits associated with energy production and consumption, facilitating planning. EnAudit Intelligence AI optimizes energy balancing, suggesting the best times for consumption based on historical patterns, weather forecasts, and energy demand. An approach that maximizes energy efficiency and internal resource utilization.


Less cost, more benefit

EnAudit Energy® enables the monitoring and control of energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings. Building energy consumption can be analyzed, potential sources of waste identified, and measures taken to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Why EnAudit Energy®?

In the context of homes and commercial facilities, EnAudit Energy® emerges as an essential tool for monitoring and managing energy consumption. The platform records and analyzes the energy parameters of premises, providing users with detailed information on energy performance and suggestions on how to implement resource use. This enables significant savings on energy bills and promotes an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


EnAudit Energy®you save, we monitor, everyone reuses.