Optimizing energy distribution

Public agencies and energy managers need to monitor and control energy distribution networks, such as power grids or district heating networks. With EnAudit Energy® it is possible to optimize energy distribution, manage grid congestion, and ensure efficient use of energy resources. This tool provides immediate feedback on the status of facilities and overall energy efficiency, enabling rapid identification and resolution of any problems or inefficiencies.


Economic Analysis

EnAudit Energy® offers an economic analysis module to evaluate the financial performance of energy distribution networks. This tool tracks costs and benefits related to energy production and consumption, facilitating strategic planning. Integration with EnAudit Intelligence AI enables optimized energy balancing. TheAI suggests the best times for energy consumption based on factors such as historical patterns, weather forecasts, and energy demand. This approach promotes energy efficiency by maximizing domestic production and optimizing energy purchases.


Maximizing energy savings

The EnAudit Energy® platform, thanks to its proactive component based on generative Artificial Intelligence, allows the user to analyze energy performance, identify potential areas for improvement, and maximize energy savings. In addition, EnAudit Energy® promotes the adoption of circular energy policies and the reduction of environmental impact.

Why EnAudit Energy®?

For public agencies, EnAudit Energy® is an indispensable tool for monitoring and efficiently managing energy consumption in public facilities.


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