Energy consumption and production facilities

Industries need to optimize the energy costs of their facilities, EnAudit Energy® enables them to monitor and control the energy consuming systems in industrial facilities, such as lighting, heating and air conditioning systems or industry-specific machinery. Energy consumption can be measured, inefficiencies can be identified, and concrete actions can be taken to reduce consumption and optimize energy use through solution-oriented energy planning.


Energy planning

EnAudit Energy® is an indispensable tool for industries with energy consumption and production facilities. It monitors energy production and consumption, optimizing efficiency. The platform offers global dashboards to monitor plants in real time and identify waste. Economic analysis tracks costs and benefits, facilitating planning. EnAudit Intelligence AI optimizes energy balancing, suggesting the optimal times for energy use. With focus on in-house production and minimal energy purchase, EnAudit Energy® maximizes economic and environmental benefits of industrial plants.


Competitiveness in the global energy market

EnAudit Energy® represents a cutting-edge solution that enables industries to significantly reduce operating costs and maximize benefits through optimized energy management. With our platform, industries can achieve significant energy savings, improve their environmental sustainability and increase competitiveness in the global market.

Why EnAudit Energy®?

In the industrial context, EnAudit Energy® emerges as an indispensable tool for monitoring and managing energy consumption. This platform records and analyzes energy parameters of industrial plants, providing industries with a detailed picture of energy performance and guidance on how to optimize resource utilization. This enables significant energy cost savings and a more sustainable approach to energy.


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