Energy self-sufficiency

Energy communities face the challenge of monitoring the performance of all community-related generation and consumption facilities in real time. EnAudit Energy® provides immediate feedback on the status of facilities and overall energy efficiency, enabling rapid identification and resolution of any problems or inefficiencies.


A circular energy model

EnAudit Energy®for Energy Communities, an economic analysis module tailored to optimize financial performance in this context. This tool tracks costs and benefits related to energy production and consumption within the community, facilitating strategic planning. Integration with EnAudit Intelligence AI enables optimized energy balancing, suggesting ideal times for consumption based on historical patterns, weather forecasts, and energy demand within the community. This approach promotes energy efficiency by maximizing domestic production and rationalizing energy purchases from the grid. A powerful ally for energy communities.


Comprehensive energy management

The EnAuditEnergy® platform facilitates energy sharing among members of the energy community. This results in more efficient use of energy resources, with community members able to buy or sell energy according to their needs, contributing to a more sustainable and collaborative energy model.

Why EnAudit Energy®?

For Energy Communities, EnAudit Energy® provides a robust infrastructure for monitoring and controlling energy production and consumption within the community. The platform facilitates the exchange of information and optimization of energy resources, promoting the adoption of a circular energy model. EnAudit Energy® allows energy produced by facilities to be tracked and efficiently harnessed within the community, reducing dependence on traditional sources and promoting the use of renewable energy.


EnAudit Energy®you save, we monitor, everyone reuses.