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EnAudit Energy® is a platform designed and developed by tmr® that deals with monitoring, tracking and control of energy consuming and producing facilities. It is designed to provide an effective and customized solution to different categories of users, including public agencies, civilian households, energy communities, and businesses.

Controlling and monitoring energy consumption allows us to make informed decisions and implement targeted solutions to reduce environmental impact, and optimize the use of energy resources. We use advanced tools, such as the EnAudit Energy® platform, to collect accurate data, analyze energy performance, and identify areas for improvement.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

At tmr® we have always been fascinated by the secrets of space, but first we need to think about our own planet. For us, the proper and sustainableuse of energy is a fundamental pillar in our vision and actions. We strongly believe that taking a responsible approach toward energy is crucial to preserving the environment, ensuring resource sustainability, and promoting a better future for generations to come.

Circular energy

A key concept guiding us is that of circular energy, all forms of energy produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. This means viewing energy as a valuable resource that can be used efficiently and recycled.
We are committed to promoting a culture of circular energy, in which energy flow is managed wisely and optimized.

Reducing waste

Maximizing benefits

generative ia

EnAudit Intelligence

EnAudit Energy® rests its foundation on EnAudit Intelligence, a generativeArtificial Intelligence that monitors and analyzes energy performance and resource utilizationoptimization. Through the analysis of collected energy data, AI is able to identify inefficiencies, suggest corrective actions, and propose strategies for energy savings.


It adapts to the existing plant, gaining detailed knowledge of its characteristics and dynamics. Maximizes the transformation and rationalization of the energy produced.


It suggests creative and efficient ways to harness the energy produced by the plant, either through the integration of storage systems or through redistribution of surplus energy.

EnAudit Energy® you save, we monitor, everyone reuses.

EnAudit Energy® represents a comprehensive and innovative solution for the monitoring and control of energy consuming and producing facilities. Its ability to track energy performance, promote savings andefficient use of resources, and make the most of the energy produced contributes to the adoption of circular and sustainable energy models.

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