TMR's speech at the Rome Mobility Conference.

"Sustainable Development and Digital for the Mobility of the Future," this was the title of the conference held in Rome on December 20 at the Center for American Studies in collaboration with the C3I National Operations Council of the National Council of Engineers, by the LOG.I.CO. Association with the sponsorship of. Infodrive S.p.A.

When talking about connectivity, one cannot help but think of mobility. According to recent statistics, about half of the cars on the roads in Italy are connected to increasingly cutting-edge digital systems, for a sector, the Connected Car sector, worth 1.92 billion euros with eighteen million connected vehicles.

The market is changing, and so is mobility, which is moving toward sustainability for a future marked by progress and change. Services revolving around the world of Smart Mobility are constantly evolving; users, businesses and PAs are also inclined to perform tasks remotely on smart cars and vehicles, whose intelligence changes as needed. New factors come into play, such as that of digital identity as a fundamental and enabling tool for the mobility of the future. The 14.3 billion for smart mobility and enabling infrastructure, allocated by the NRP, has activated Italian municipalities, about 60 percent, which have undertaken projects in this area.

A completely smart future in which vehicular traffic can be managed by limiting emissions and facilitating travel: projects undertaken in the year 2021 touch on several points, including: suburban traffic management, autonomous driving, and integration between smart roads and urban mobility.

Scheduling, planning, and choice have become imperatives of the "digital commute" in which IoT and AI are leading the way and enabling consumers to move in a way that is more suitable and greener, but also more economical, as pockets are always being minded.

Several speakers at the conference included Roberto Sgalla, director of the Center for American Studies; Massimo Cerri, president of the Order of Engineers of Rome; Alessandro Astorino, coordinator of the C3I Operations Council; Edoardo Rixi, deputy minister of sustainable infrastructure and mobility; the president of Anas (FS Group), Edoardo Valente, who has prepared a strategic plan of initiatives, increasingly focused on research and development of cutting-edge and sustainable technologies; Amedeo Teti, president Log-I-Co; Pierluigi Leone, expert in business models and digital transformation; Ugo Dibennardo, CEO of TXLogistik; and finally, our own Tindaro Terranova, sole director of TMR who in his speech stated:

"We live our profession as a set of unique methodologies, aiming for efficiency while always keeping in mind the ease of use of our systems. We develop information and communication technology (ICT), deal with green tech, IoT & automation, automotive and telematics. youMove is our MAAS compliant fleet management platform MAAS, based on IoT technologies that promotes sustainable mobility in smart cities, our sharing system, entirely designed and built by TMR, suitable for small as well as large territorial realities, both public and private, guarantees high performance in terms of system reliability and functionality, durability and solidity of the facilities, simplicity and accuracy of the management software, ensuring, in addition, the maximum possibility of customization according to the various needs of the end customer."

Thanking Infodrive, our partner and sponsor of the event held in the capital, Terranova concluded, "We cannot imagine a way without displacement. Displacement is in human evolution, we are born as a nomadic species, we can think of our life as a displacement in time but also in space. That is why TMR aims to remodel and reprogram through information systems, from application software to IoT, we create new habitats for displacement: there are no possibilities without new mobility."