We are excited to announce that tmr® has reached a significant milestone in our journey toward sustainable innovation: the EnAudit Asset Core® is now in production and is our first fully ARM cloud workload! This evolution represents an important step in our technology strategy.

What is EnAudit Asset Core?

EnAudit Asset Core® is an advanced platform for integrated telemetry device management designed to simplify management, command dispatch, and event management. In technical terms, EnAudit Asset Core® is a “Telematics Device Management Platform.”

The platform combines device management, advanced telemetry, sensing and automation capabilities to provide comprehensive and centralized control over IoT devices. EnAudit Asset Core® collects raw data, reliably delivers it to the entities that use it, and aims to position itself as a universal telematics interface to the countless interconnected objects in its fleet.

EnAudit Asset Core®’s ability to make sense of sensed data is also a key strength, enabling organizations to optimize the management of their IoT assets with deep insight and unprecedented responsiveness.

IoT solutions enable companies to analyze data generated by sensors on physical objects in a world of smart, connected devices. This data can transform business operations, revealing hidden patterns and insights that help make more informed decisions and act more quickly, especially in the energy field.

EnAudit Asset Core® protocols provide an innovative solution to overcome the challenges posed by IoT device diversity. Through their ability to normalize and standardize data, they ensure that every device, regardless of the “language” it speaks, can communicate effectively with the central system.

Imagine a context in which devices speak different languages: the internal protocols of EnAudit Asset Core® act as expert interpreters, translating each language into a common, understandable language that is perfectly readable through its universal telematics interface.

Energy advantages of ARM instances

ARM, Advanced RISC Machines, is a family of processor architectures used in a variety of electronic devices, from cell phones to servers to IoT, Internet of Things devices.

It is an architecture that emphasizes a simple, optimized instruction set (RISC) to achieve greater energy efficiency and optimal performance.

Manufacturing on ARM represents a breakthrough choice over the x86_64 architecture, for power efficiency, design flexibility, scalability (from microcontrollers to server-class processors), and a broad ecosystem of software and development tools.

This sustainable design involves less energy expenditure and is perfect for mobile and IoT devices and greener systems in general. The ARM ecosystem is growing rapidly; the performance per watt offered by ARM exceeds that of x86_64, providing unparalleled power efficiency. Finally, ARM is compatible with major operating systems, ensuring cross-platform support that further strengthens its adoption on a global scale.

The adoption of AWS Graviton2 (ARM) instances in the AWS cloud is central to our sustainability strategy. ARM processors offer high performance with low power consumption, improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Superior energy efficiency: Up to 40% performance improvement per cost compared to x86_64 instances.

  • Reduced power consumption: ARM instances consume only 6.6 watts per hour compared to 11 watts per hour for x86_64 instances, saving 40 percent power.

These features make ARM a versatile and competitive solution for many contemporary applications.

Together for a sustainable future

Enthusiastic Pietro Terranova, our CTO, who speaks in these terms, “Our constant pursuit of process and resource optimization is a primary goal, both in the design phase and in the re-validation phase. We always aim to reduce our ecological footprint in every development we pursue, striving to always have a positive impact, to make the results of our efforts highly innovative, reliable and sustainable. In this sense, both the move to ARM cloud architecture and the development of the EnAudit Energy® project represent concrete responses to these goals. The Product Development area perfectly embodies the values of tmr®, transforming them into reality every day, with the concreteness and efficiency that set us apart. I would like to publicly thank our team for their extraordinary efforts in pursuing this mission with strength and confidence, toward a shared and common vision.”

At tmr® we have always been fascinated by the secrets of space, but first we have to think about our planet. EnAudit Energy® is the consequence of a cultural change that puts the well-being of people and the environment at the center, through a circular economy approach.

EnAudit Energy® embodies our vision of technology that serves people and promotes energy efficiency. It is an Energy Management System (EMS) designed to monitor and optimize energy consumption, production, and efficiency of energy consuming and producing facilities. The platform leverages cloud services for analyzing and correlating energy data collected from IoTs, turning them into actionable insights for improving energy management at the industrial, enterprise and residential levels.

Find out more EnAudit Energy®details on our dedicated page.

At tmr®, we believe that technology should serve man and respect nature. Adopting ARM instances, as well as believing in a project like EnAudit Energy, reflects our commitment to more responsible use of resources, helping to preserve the planet for future generations.

We invite all our partners and customers to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued support!