“We must ensure that the revolution we are living through remains human. That is, inscribed within that tradition of civilization that sees, in the person – and in his dignity – the inalienable pillar.”
Making these words our own, from President Sergio Mattarella’s year-end speech, in tmr® we decided to make our considerations for this new year: 2024.

Against a backdrop of rapid technological change, there is growing concern about the distorted use of technology andArtificial Intelligence. Crucial questions arise about how these innovations are employed and the possible impacts on our society and individual dignity.

For us, technology is a means and not an end; it is something we always keep in mind every single time we develop a product. That is why our solutions, for mobility andenergy, are designed for people and for our planet. At the heart of tmr’s corporate philosophy, the“for people” approach does not represent a trivial publicity stunt: it is the course toward which our every action is directed. This translates concretely into our efforts to create solutions that put people’s needs and well-being at the center.

A tangible example of our commitment is youMove®, an innovative mobility ecosystem designed to simplify citizens’ daily lives by offering a wide range of integrated transportation services, thereby reducing dependence on private vehicle use and enhancing accessibility to public transportation.

From 2024, our youMove® users, will interact with a personalized operational support: Valentina. Built with generative Artificial Intelligence, our assistant is trained, on youMove® and its features, to provide a first-class support experience, available around the clock.
TheAI assistant is not just a technological novelty, it is a revolution in the way users interact with the system. Through an intuitive and responsive interface, members can now access immediate solutions to their problems, receive personalized advice and optimize their travel experience, simply by typing them in.

In addition, we are focusing our efforts on the development of EnAudit Energy®, a solution that leverages EnAudit Intelligence, a generative Artificial Intelligence. Once tmr, Internet of Things (IoT) devices have collected and sent data, a real opportunity scenario opens up that can be exploited through the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to energy.

This system focuses on supervision and analysis of energy performance as well asoptimization of resource utilization. Using detailed energy data collected from various sources, AI can identify inefficiencies and formulate in-depth analyses. This process not only identifies trouble spots where action can be taken to improve energy efficiency, but also offers solutions and corrective actions to reduce waste and improve resource management overall.

“Democracy is made up of the exercise of freedom. […] Freedom independent of abusive control by those who, managers of Artificial Intelligence or power,” Mattarella added, “can claim to direct public sentiment.”

Among the new features of the year that has just begun is the planned implementation of not one, but rather two Artificial intelligence, in both areas in which we operate. We handle highly flammable technologies with care because we are aware of the implications they can have if juggled and piloted incorrectly; let’s democratize our knowledge so that it benefits people and so that we reverse the course of climate change.

Aware that these new forms of Intelligence can be medicine: “cure” if used in the right way, “poison” if abused beyond repair. Our priority is to create and implement innovative solutions that are truly people-oriented, improving quality of life and contributing to more efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources, both in mobility and energy.

Valentina helps users navigate the different travel options offered by youMove®, providing tailored recommendations based on their preferences and needs. Whether it’s finding the best route, suggesting sustainable travel alternatives, or assisting with unforeseen events, our assistant is always ready to support.
EnAudit Intelligence adapts to the existing energy system, gaining detailed knowledge of its characteristics and dynamics, suggesting targeted strategies for energy savings.

In a world where AI has the potential to manipulate opinions and behavior, it is critical to maintain a human perspective. Therefore, for us at tmr®, it is imperative to promote responsible use of AI.

The goal is not to prevent technological development, but to shape a future in which AI and advanced technologies respect our humanity and preserve our dignity. Our challenge is to embrace innovation, with youMove® and EnAudit Energy®, by walking a path that reflects the core values of our planet, always keeping people at the center of every decision and technological development.

But a lot more tmr® news awaits us in 2024….