summer season and w
ith the arrival of autumn , in tmr®, we began, as we do every year, to make our evaluations. We have reached the turning point – we said to ourselves – now what? Now it is time to imagine something new.

youMove® has always aimed to make mobility more accessible, for users and their needs, for Public Administrations and companies, creating harmony with the needs of the territories, offering the freedom to choose between different travel alternatives. What if our journey turned into discovery?

Adapted to the needs of territorial realities of all sizes, the vehicle sharing system developed in-house by tmr® has reached, by now, 32,000 users, more than 50 municipalities throughout Italy, but our team does not hibernate.

This is the focus of the

youMove® Next
, in which in recent days our CTO,
Pietro Terranova
, presented the natural, but not obvious, evolution of the tmr® system.

youMove® 7
will move from being a simple mobility manager to a true service integrator, capable of changing our relationship with the local area.

Also new is the implementation of youMove® Web Manager 5, a management area, in
youMove® Web Services
, the new suite of mobility services, with a revamped interface and smart features that will open up new perspectives both for the
than for users, but also for
insurance companies and brokers
corporate fleet
freight transport
. Here are the innovations that are about to revolutionize everything:


We imagined having you explore a historic district of a city or tourist destination, access detailed information about places of interest, see fascinating stories, or even interact with virtual elements that blend seamlessly into your surroundings. This is what
youMove® 7
can offer, opening the door to


to learn about the history of places, interact with 3D reconstructions in augmented reality, and enjoy experiences related to the area and the events it offers, transforming the way we live and discover the world around us.

The youMove® map will no longer just mark mobility solutions, but also points of interest, POIs, which include historical monuments, tourist attractions, natural parks, museums, and more. Thanks to youMove® Discovery, these POIs are collected into actual tours , which offer the opportunity to explore and experience these places in an immersive way, through :

  • Historical or literary insights

  • Audio guide

  • Virtual immersive tours

  • 3D reconstructions
    in augmented reality

Augmented Reality – AR – adds an interactive and overwhelming layer to the discovery experience. Using AR technology, digital information, images or interactive elements can be superimposed on the world reale. Attratoward a smartphone one can, for example, see what places looked like at a given historical time, then visualize works or architecture that no longer exist. The experiences of youMove® 7 are the beginning of a new way of travel, teleporting you to a world where the past meets technology, through mobility.

We are alsobuilding a long calendar of
available to youMove® users, who will soon also be able to choose different activities scattered throughout Italy. As a result, municipalities, will be able to include, among the youMove® Events, their own activities, parties, meetings and more, publicizing the area. Thetourism offer becomes integrated among all places and circuits and, therefore, available to the already
users of youMove®.

Experience AI

Reflecting on how to make youMove® even more cutting-edge, we decided to introduce innovative support for our users: the
intelligent assistant
, built with
Artificial Intelligence
generative. This assistant has been trained on youMove® and its features to provide an experience of
first-level support
, available at all times.

AI assistant
, whom we called
, is not just a technological innovation, it is a revolution in the way users interact with our system. Through an intuitive and responsive interface, users can now access immediate solutions to their problems, receive personalized advice and optimize their travel experience. Our goal is to make mobility not only more accessible, but also more smart and participatory.

The AI assistant
helps users
to navigate the different travel options offered by youMove®, providing tailored recommendations based on their preferences and needs. Whether it’s finding the best route, suggesting sustainable travel alternatives, or assisting with unforeseen events, our assistant is always ready to


What’s more, mobility solutions multiply with youMove® tracker devices for real-time monitoring, for personal cars or vehicle fleets. Through youMove, they allow people to monitor their fleet of vehicles, whether personal or business fleet, showing insights such as :

  • Driving style

  • Positions

  • Alarms

  • Deadlines

  • Travel History

  • Maintenance

In addition to this, it will be possible to take advantage of the
Road Assistance
, timely and reliable help in any road emergency situation, thanks to the cooperation with our partner. YouMove® safety solutions, together with Infodrive reference in roadside assistance, will ensure greater reliability.

This all adds up to Parking Protection features an alarm in case the vehicle is moved in an unauthorized manner, even if the engine is turned off.

And it doesn’t end there: the addition of charging points, will make traveling in electric vehicles even more convenient and sustainable. It will be possible for users to locate youMove® charging points through the map and reach them via the easiest route, planning their trip optimally.

This change is not a turnaround, but a transformation that aligns perfectly with the mission of youMove®: to be the new frontier of mobility, to be understood as social mobility, not only vehicle sharing, but also perspective in line with the evolution of society, where there is room for real connections between people, with the world around us.

The countdown has begun: it is advent time, yes, but of
youMove® 7
, available with the arrival of
summer 2024