On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, in the heart of Palermo, thugs attempted to steal two valuable cars from tmr‘s partner amiGO fleet, but what appeared to be a sure hit turned into an epic defeat. The reason for this reversal of fortune lies in the outstanding youMove® security solutions, which have proven their invaluable value.

youMove® is more than just a safety system, it is a deep analysis to assess the risk associated with fleets, as in the case of AMAT‘s amiGO sharing car fleet, powered by youMove®.

YouMove® security solutions are an orchestra of elements working together to ensure maximum security. Parking Protection keeps a watchful eye on parked vehicles, while Vehicle Immobilizer prevents unauthorized use of vehicles. The VehicleResQ, on the other hand, is the guarantor of emergency readiness.

In the world of the Internet of Things(IoT) andArtificial Intelligence, youMove® stands as a beacon of innovation, merging new technological frontiers to create a more connected and intelligent future. Thanks to the
youMove® Devices
, which fit as key elements in smart cities, enabling advanced control of infrastructure, mobility services, and road safety, the criminals were stopped.

The conductor of the orchestra was the youMove® Car Control System, a monitoring and control device, seamlessly integrated into the amiGO fleet management platform, which offers a wide range of features for complete vehicle control. tmr ‘s newest innovation has proven to be a formidable weapon in the fight against theft.

On this memorable night, youMove® security solutions proved that technology can be our most faithful ally and that control is truly in our hands. This is the future we dreamed of, where safety, efficiency and innovation come together in perfect symphony.