The enhancement of flows, the multiplicity of vehicles, the ease of travel

The new amiGO system is available, entirely designed and supported by tmr, which helps people to organize their movements flexibly by giving them unlimited possibilities. The beating heart of youMove beats the Sicilian territory by offering, for the first time, a mobility line for which you don’t have to wait in line, but which intermodally connects, with a red thread, all the vehicles in Sicily.

Bike sharing or car sharing: all just a click away, all through the fleet management platform MaaS of tmr, without worrying about schedules and prices, youMove offers Sicilian sharing new features, each enhanced for the mobility of the future; now it’s even easier to synchronize trips on two or four wheels.

Promoted and managed by the company AMAT Palermo S.p.A., amiGO is the Sicilian territory’s sharing service, supplementary to public and private transport, intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly. Thanks to youMove, in amiGO the subscriber purchases the actual use of the vehicle instead of the vehicle itself. The service is intended as an alternative to private vehicle use and involves sharing a fleet of environmentally friendly cars, limiting car use to the time strictly necessary.

This allows each amiGO member to achieve significant personal financial savings and contribute to the reduction of air pollution, especially in the city. To unlock a vehicle you will be guided by the mobile app, through the use of QRCodes or selection via geolocated map.

TheamiGO app, available on Android and Apple Store, offers sharing of basic information, schedules, prices and multimodal routes, develops the method of payment of the total route, at the on-demand level allows sharing of routes and information, provides various subscription models and unlimited access to transportation services. Thanks to youMove we have realized a sharing system for every type of vehicle, so not only bikes and cars, but why not in the near future also scooters, cargo bikes and scooters. Every vehicle imaginable becomes shareable and usable in sharing mode through two modes:

  • Station Based, involves the deployment of physical and automated stations throughout the territory, with the function of releasing or accommodating vehicles. The stations also allow cars or bicycles to be recharged during idle time and prevent an unloaded vehicle from being picked up.
  • Free Floating, a mode of sharing whereby the chosen means of transportation can be arranged in the territory without the direct aid of stations, thus ensuring that vehicles can be released anywhere within the boundaries set for the circuit.

tmr aims to reshape and reprogram through information systems, from application software to IoT, we create new habitats for travel, thinking big, but also thinking about micro-mobility; which not only affects cities, understood as what we are projected to call smart cities, but also smaller logics such as individual municipalities can be. A mobility ecosystem based on MaaS encourages citizens toward more and more mobility green and projected toward endless possibilities, at tmr we work tirelessly to enable users, on the one hand, to make more informed, intermodal, and sustainable transportation choices, and on the other hand, to support the administration that through youMove can take advantage of a useful knowledge base to manage transportation in their area.