Last June 16, the Decree-Law no. 68 which officially kicks off the enhancement of sustainable mobility policies through the allocation of some 14.9 million euros.

As part of the strengthening of policies for sustainable mobility and in accordance with the improvement of local and regional public transport, new criteria were established for the use of the National Fund for Local Public Transport – LPT – which saw an increase at the time of the Budget Law.

The recent Infrastructure and Mobility Annex provides not only for a different body to operate in support of mobility managers-National Observatory for Planning Support and Monitoring of Sustainable Local Public Mobility-but also entails a reshaping of resources, as stated in Paragraph 6: “To promote the Experimentation of sharing mobility services, limited to the years 2022, 2023 and 2024.”

In continuity with what was defined by the PNRR legal qualification was given to electric vehicle charging facilities in view of the type of road on which they insist; bicycles and scooters were officially recognized as vehicles, specifically they were classified as electric velocipedes; pedal-assisted bicycles that undergo alteration or vandalism are equated with mopeds, with the consequent subjection to the obligations prescribed for the latter, i.e., license plate, insurance, and license; there are, therefore, provided sanctions specifications For those who tamper with pedal-assisted bicycles.

According to the Economic and Financial Document, with Decree Law no. 68/2022 the Fund provides an allocation over three years of:

75 million euros distributed with innovative criteria aimed at improving the quality and quantity of services offered, standard costs and adequate levels of local and regional public transport services;

14,923,662 is dedicated to experimenting with innovative sustainable mobility solutions in urban areas.

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