In every age technology brings and brings revolutions, if you are wondering what big revolution is changing mobility, the answer can only be one: MaaS.

Knowledge platforms and smartphone applications have transformed the use of both public and private transportation, the key words being: tailored travel, intermodality and sustainability.

Digitization has disrupted business models in the mobility sector and opened the door to the possibility of combining ride-sharing, public transport, bike-sharing and other shared mobility services. It is, therefore, a matter of abandoning our totalitarian view of perceiving means of transportation, in favor of a more democratic perspective. Easier, faster and more convenient moves, all thanks to MaaS.

The Mobility as a Service is a type of service that allows users to choose among different travel alternatives, we speak, therefore, of a flexible transportation model and on-demand which provides not only facilitated access to transportation, but also allows users to plan, book and pay for their trips completely independently.

The goal of this form of service is to put users at the center of transportation, thus weaving in tailored mobility. MaaS involves a monthly subscription to the app, in our case youMove, which allows all mobility solutions to be aggregated with pay-per-use solutions.

MaaS platforms are developed on three levels:

  • Level 1: Provides sharing of basic information, schedules, prices, and multimodal routes;
  • Level 2: called aggregation, develops the payment method of the overall path;
  • Level 3: The on-demand one, in addition to route and information sharing, provides various subscription models and unlimited access to transportation services.

A mobility ecosystem based on MaaS favors on the one hand the citizens, who can make more conscious, intermodal and sustainable transportation choices, and on the other hand the administration, which through the platform can take advantage of a useful knowledge base to manage transportation in its area, that is, it helps structure the work of the area mobility manager.

youMove, as a MaaS fleet management platform, aims to accompany the transformation of the mobility system, according to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in which there is Mobility as a Service for Italy that aims to improve national transportation policies.

TMR and youMove are part of this revolution, with the belief that interconnected transportation and mobility as a service are the only way to create a new frontier for travel.

Let’s turn the ancien régime upside down: mobility, intermodality, sustainability.