Systematically analyzing mobility to rethink the concept of the city: mobility management designs the space of our movements. Living urban spaces in a functional and sustainable way is possible; the task of designing a new way to get around is up to the mobility manager. Whether it is part of private companies or within the public administration, this figure is now indispensable, in times, such as ours, in which we have to minimize The time and mode of travel.

This professionalism, which has been present since the 1990s, with the recent Relaunch Decree became mandatory for companies with more than one hundred employees located in municipalities with more than fifty thousand inhabitants.


“The real problem related to mobility,” according to what Marcello Marchese Head of Special Mobility and Commercial Management of AMAT Palermo says, “is in the cities, where there is a high rate of vehicular congestion, hence high environmental and noise pollution. The figure of the mobility manager dates back to a decree in ’98, however, very few companies appointed him or, at any rate, did so in a figurative way, that is, he hardly ever actually produced anything. In the 2000s there was not this level of digitization, questionnaires were handed out to employees to collect all their travel needs.”

The goal of the mobility manager is to optimize the costs and impacts of mobility on the territory, while paying attention to the environmental aspect. Its main task is to rationalize the movement of citizens, particularly workers, through an analysis conducted through special statistical means and geocoding tools.

“Today,” Marchese adds, “thanks to the advent of multi-pronged digitization systems, and I link back to youMove, it is possible to have a whole range of information. Starting from the community of people enrolled in the platform, in fact, I can have very useful data provided almost in real time, so that I can study current problems and work out solutions. YouMove can give a big boost to the mobility manager, it is clear that we need to make sure that the population is connected to the platform and has a way to use it, to understand what the travel needs are.”


In this sense, YouMove is configured as a perfect tool to analyze data from multiple means of transportation, to reprocess them from the perspective of mobility becoming a service and a resource. The mobility manager’s planning can become, through the platform designed by TMR, a solution to reduce the impact on the environment and facilitate the viability, structuring a Home-Work Commute Plan from the intersection of real information, extrapolated thanks to our application.

We don’t just think about providing a service, we think bigger: mobility as possibility.