TMR’s mission is simple and clear: to make sustainable mobility accessible to everyone, starting with municipalities throughout the country.

We are therefore proud to announce that the municipality of Tropea has also chosen TMR to make mobility in the area more efficient and sustainable.

The city government initiated a sharing mobility project that resulted in the purchase and installation of four bike-sharing stations and 22 eBikes equipped with GPS for geolocation and management of routes and points of interest.

The electric bicycles were fully customized with a stylized logo created as a tribute to the city and donated by architect Fabio Rotella.

Currently, the stations at Largo San Michele and Via Montevideo inside the municipal villa have been installed and are already usable, while the other two stations with an additional 11 bikes will be installed soon.

How does it work?

The bike pickup operation will be handled directly by the youMove app that can be downloaded for free from Apple AppStore and Google Play Store, which also allows the user to monitor, in real time, the availability of bikes, vacancies, and to make the payment of the rental fee. After several cities throughout Italy including Palermo, Catania, Enna, Bracciano and Lucca, where we created Italy’s first station-based cargo bike share, we are pleased to have brought innovation and sustainability to the town of Tropea as well.