In TMR we envision growth as a long journey. More or less rapid, but constant and always facing one direction: the road ahead.

We do not look or go back.

Therefore, as of today we are proud to announce the birth of an ambitious project designed to make mobility more accessible and more in line with the needs of territories and businesses.

Introducing youMove: a MAAS compliant fleet management platform based on IoT technologies that promotes sustainable mobility in smart cities through the integration of sharing services for multiple types of vehicles.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) , in Italian mobility as a service, is a type of service that through a joint digital channel allows users to plan, book and pay for different types of mobility services.

This is a new mobility system that finds its foundation on the concept of subscription, or the pay-per-use formula (payment based on actual usage) that is based on Cloud, IoT – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

In practice, a Mobility-as-a-Service platform is characterized by three main aspects: the fact that it allows users to enjoy all mobility services on a pay-as-you-go basis, because it is a service that can be used anywhere, and because it makes payment simple and immediate.

The key concept behind MaaS is to offer travelers mobility solutions based on their travel needs by proposing a type or group of transportation modes designed to simplify their experience.

With youMove, we no longer deal only with bike sharing, in short, but smart mobility in its broadest sense.

As of today, it is the power of the API, of our software system born out of decades of experience with youBike that is at the center of TMR’s activities.

youMove: a single system for any vehicle

Thanks to youMove, there are no more limitations of territory, needs or requirements: today, we can implement sharing systems for any type of vehicle. So not only bikes, but also scooters, cargo bikes, scooters, cars. Every vehicle imaginable, even in the near future, becomes shareable and usable in sharing mode.

Bike sharing: station based, virtual station and free floating

In the case of bicycles, it allows for the creation of systems with both electric and muscle bikes and includes all major modes of bike sharing.

Station Based mode involves the deployment of physical and automated docking stations in the territory with the function of releasing or accommodating bikes.

The stations also allow bicycles to be recharged during idle time and prevent the withdrawal of an unloaded bicycle.

Virtual stations are particular locations to which bicycles are physically brought and where a physical manager is located. Users are able to make pick-up and drop-off reservations at available slots, and the operator is able to approve the various reservations and deliver the bicycles.

These virtual stations are particularly suitable for extending bike-sharing service to managed facilities such as hotels, but also for setting up ad hoc stations to be demobilized immediately after city-relevant events.

Free Floating is a mode of bike sharing whereby bicycles can be arranged on the territory without the direct aid of stations, thus ensuring that bicycles can be released anywhere within the boundaries set for the circuit. To unlock a bicycle you will be guided by the mobile app, through the use of QRCodes or selection via geolocated map.

Scooters, E-Scooters and Car Sharing for rent or free floating

The real novelty of youMove, as mentioned earlier, is the ability to pool different types of vehicles. To do so, we use the rental or Free Floating mode, which allows the sharing of multiple means of transportation within a boundary set for the circuit.

To unlock a vehicle, simply scan the vehicle’s QRCode with the app or select it via map.

It is possible to defer rates, modes of use, categories and any details related to sharing directly from the web management, while for user use the mobile app will allow smooth, integrated and uniform management.

What’s left of youBike? Deep integration and seamless usability.

youMove is the natural evolution of youBike, we have no intention of erasing the past, it would be unnecessary and detrimental as far as we are concerned. Every second invested in our bike share system has enabled us to create this unique innovation at the European level.

What, then, is left of youBike? We saved the best and kept it in the evolution of our sharing mobility system.

  • Three levels of integration in order to provide customized solutions based on the needs of the entity or company requiring our services: dispositive, fleet, fully managed;
  • Ease of use by both the end user and the operator.


If you have already thought about bringing sustainable mobility to your municipality or business… We can help you and will be more than happy to do so, just contact us!