Twenty years ago Windows 2000 was released, the first iPod was introduced, ADSL was coming to Italy, and it seemed like a revolution to us. A lot has changed, hasn’t it?

TMR has a birthday, and in 20 years we have managed to bring green innovation throughout Italy, and we continue to look for new solutions that can protect the planet.

We started from a simple idea, a desire to create something with our own strength, and today we are among the national leaders for sustainable mobility projects. Let’s help the visionary municipalities of Italy make their urban areas more modern and sustainable, all without leaving our beloved Sicily.

On this page we would like to tell you about us, our history, the friendships we have made during these 20 years of activity and ideas for the future, wishing a happy birthday to our TMR.


TMR was born out of a need for independence and ambition by two young men tired of living by someone else’s rules. Tindaro Terranova and Nino Sirna (now CEO of SIAPA S.r.l.) founded the company because. “we could no longer be employees. We wanted to create something with our own strengths.”

In 2001 , sustainable mobility was still far from our minds, but we knew we wanted to make our mark in the technological innovation market, and as early as 2007 we “embraced our true nature by finding a technical connotation.”

At a time in history when concern for the environment was relegated to the bottom of the Italian public agenda, Tindaro sensed its potential and, in 2010, chose to invest in Bike Sharing. “No one believed it, instead today we are leading players in the national market.” Tindaro Terranova, founder and CEO of the company, tells.

The inclusion of Peter in the team offers new, innovation-oriented points of view: today Head of Software, Peter Terranova originally worked in web technologies independently before embracing his father’s project, an important apprenticeship that allowed him to train his mindset always oriented to the growth.

One of the most significant projects according to Peter? Bike sharing for the city of Palermo.

“For the first time I had a sense of the potential success TMR’s. The moment when we first had to engineer processes, eliminating unscalable logic and dramatically improving our production capacity. The ability to change for the better, to scale earlier and as much as possible in both the business model and the technology infrastructure unequivocally defines today the capacity for growth and improvement that a company has in the global landscape.”

Even today, we still do not stop treading unexplored territories or investing in technologies that have not yet been fully exploited.

In 20 years we have learned that people are the real engine of any project and that training, the ability to see new points of view, and intuition are skills that need to be cultivated and trained, because, as the Nino Crisafi, now Sales & Service Manager at ManpowerGroup, our companion for 13 months as a Sales Account “every achievement is mainly the result of your commitment and your ability to learn, listening, keeping your desire to know high.”.

Technology and sustainability

In 20 years, a lot happens and a lot changes. We used to use the Internet for a few hours to keep in touch with distant loved ones, and instead, today, we can buy anything from our couch and receive it from the comfort of our home.

Our market is also constantly changing, and that is perfectly fine with us. Peter tells us that in TMR “we know full well that the strides the world has made toward sustainable mobility are only a small part of what we could achieve with a more consistent and global effort, but we are ready for any challenge precisely because we have been following this path for a long time and know the logic of it.”

Modem noise used to accompany the start of our days, and today we create IoT platforms that make it possible to build sustainable mobility systems that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

When we asked Antonino Fiumefreddo, Technical Manager of TMR, what was the thing he loves most about his profession, he answered “implement mobility systems in order to improve the livability of cities and contribute to the improvement of the environment.” And it is exactly on this principle that every action of our company is based.

Shared bikes, including pedal-assisted bikes, bookable from the comfort of your smartphone? No problem.

Urban freight transport, with cargo bikes, with minimal environmental impact? Already done, one of the projects the company is most proud of.

“The values that drive every action of TMR are and always will be those of optimization, inclusiveness and sustainability in the broadest possible sense.” according to Peter, therefore, we look forward to implementing technologies that we cannot even imagine today.

Our added value: people

People are the engine on which the entire activity of our company is based. And we are not only talking about our employees and the magnificent team that accompanies us every day, but also about the external collaborators , partners, and all the people who, in some way, have crossed TMR on their way. One of the best aspects of working at the company, for Manuela Triscari, an internal communications and secretary for 18 years, is “the collaboration among colleagues that helps me grow professionally.” and for Tina Gaudio, a front office clerk, “the professionally stimulating and welcoming environment that the company reserves.”

We make different skills coexist and work in unison to achieve a single goal: to create incredibly innovative yet easy-to-use designs. Therefore, although we mainly deal with technical aspects, the creativity required by some aspects of our work is essential: we all train it to discover new points of view, while also engaging in stimulating debates.

“I would like to dwell on the endless meetings that, each time, preceded the development of an idea and its subsequent implementation, because it was there that I understood the genius of the company and its two front men, Tindaro and Pietro, who are its essence. In those confrontations in which everyone at various levels was involved and which often resulted in heated disagreements that lasted for hours on end, the foundations were laid for great projects, and only now can I see, with extreme clarity, that it was not just about work, but also about a lot of heart. This is the key to TMR’s success: expertise and passion.” Martina Emanuele (now sales manager at Glovo).

Those who work with us are fellow travelers, little matter that our paths at some point separate, we travel the paths of technology and sustainability in a mutual and continuous exchange. Everyone who passes through our company learns and teaches something to others.

“At TMR, I learned that the world of business technology is a constant chase for improvement, for perfection; much like in everyday life. The discriminator for success cannot be just economic ability or where you operate. One must trust one’s abilities and season everything with great passion. One must reach the goal and soon after forget about it (to find a new one).”. – Joseph Blanca (CEO & Business Developer at Olivia Agency)

We know how important it is to live in a lively work environment and how helpful it is to make breaks from work lighter . How do we do it? With little pranks, jokes, gimmicks that train our minds for imagination.

Like, for example… “That time I called the office posing as someone named Ben Johnson, putting my colleague on the phone on the spot, who was trying to answer something in broken English!” says Renato Passalacqua, TMR’s IT specialist since 2008.

E Gaetano Musarra (Frontend Software Engineer) adds that. “there would be many stories to tell. The right balance between work and fun was found. We were always united in the team and indulged in confidential jokes or even work-related adventures. Secretly punctured water bottles, jokes (“cold jokes”), darts tournaments.”.

We are united in challenges, in achieving results, in breaks and sprints to satisfy our customers in our company there is a family atmosphere , and we think there is nothing more useful than a lunch to recharge your energy. Just as Domenico Giacomo Campanile, Frontend Software Engineer tells us “in TMR it’s all an adventure, but the most fun thing has been the Work-Food alternation! A passion that unites the Development Team!”

“I remember a hilarious business lunch held following an IoT conference. While several members of the table struggled to envision new interconnected devices, with seriousness and rigor, a member of our sales team who was present at the table took the time to try to turn it into a comedy show, even doing mimicry and trying to make everyone laugh. I was bent in half with laughter and, looking back on it, I treasure it as a beautiful memory because it makes me always keep in mind that creating is time well spent but smiling while creating is time that is doubly valuable, good for the body and soul.” – Peter Terranova

The future of TMR

What will be the future of TMR? What strategic plans and actions will we decide to put in place for the next 10 years? Rino Andreacchio, senior backend developer at TMR, wishes “nothing more than to continue on the path he has laid out in front of him over the years, a path that has not been easy to lay out dictated not only by work choices but by constant work in creating a close-knit team of people, professionals, working together for a common goal, a path that I am sure will lead this company day after day to greater and greater success.”

And Tindaro and Pietro, the company management, have very clear ideas about the company’s future. Peter envisions “a company fluid , even more inclusive , flexible that can adapt to the needs of those who are part of it with the goal of maximizing performance in terms of the ability to create and innovate , make the maximum contribution. At the same time, I imagine a company with a presence in the territory European, capable of moving with agility in a unified and simplified, digitized bureaucracy. A healthy, purposeful and present company. A reference international for those who seek technology capable of proposing itself holistically between nature and man, bringing benefits and balance.”
Results that are not measured in abstract ideas or specific projects. “I set goals every day ,” Tindaro tells us, “we simply hope to live another 30 years with the spirit we have today.”