youBike is a sustainable mobility tool that can make it easier for citizens to travel within urban areas. We are proud of this project, and many municipalities throughout Italy have chosen to rely on our professionalism and the unique features of the TMR-branded bike sharing system.

youBike, entirely conceived and designed by TMR, is able to take full advantage of the potential of new IoT systems-it is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud sharing system. Each component is, in fact, designed to ensure flexibility and simplicity in management by the entity hosting the sharing system and the user making use of it.

In 2019 we introduced Flex, a powerful set of APIs that allows youBike to integrate seamlessly within a third-party system. In designing Flex, we always thought of a single point of contact to external services that could meet present and future goals. We started with bikes, but we already had bigger projects in mind.

Today, thanks to Flex, we can implement sharing systems for all types of vehicles. So not only bikes, but also scooters, cargo bikes, cars, and every vehicle imaginable, even in the near future, become shareable and usable in sharing mode.

One platform for managing all types of vehicles. In simple terms: if an area already has a bike-sharing system, thanks to this technical innovation it can integrate new means of sustainable mobility beyond bikes without additional programming. Whether it’s scooters, cars, cargo bikes, free-floating bike sharing systems… with Flex, you just need to choose which vehicle to put on share!


Flex has three levels of integration in order to provide customized solutions based on the needs of the institution:

  • Device based: this is the lowest level of integration, allowing for totally uniform management of vehicle locking and unlocking;
  • Rent / Sharing: also allows complete movements and release areas to be managed in a more structured way;
  • Fully managed: unleashes the full power of the Flex API on youBike system, with in-depth and comprehensive reporting and movement management.


The Flex system allows, in essence:

  • To manage multiple devices and have uniform control of all types of vehicles through a single interface;
  • Accurate management of movement and release areas;
  • Different sharing modes applicable in flexibility at device-based and rent/share levels.


Flex is just a starting point: this is a service that allows us to radically change the idea of sharing, to think about new things that we can’t wait to announce, and to create new ways of understanding sustainable mobility in a market that is constantly evolution. And this constant evolution allows us to create innovation, a word that means growth and improvement to us, and this is what we aspire to for our company and, above all, for our planet.