With the so-called Nov. 11 decree, published in the Gazette on Nov. 20, 2020, the Ministry of the Interior allocated just under 500 million euros in additional grants to municipalities for 2021 for investments in public works related to energy efficiency and sustainable spatial development.

These include bike sharing. In the official text we read that it is possible to fund projects of:

“(b) sustainable spatial development, including mobility interventions as well as interventions for upgrading and securing schools, public buildings and municipal assets and for the removal of architectural barriers.”

Resources are allocated according to population range, doubling the quotas under the previous DM Jan. 30, 2020:

  • BAND A: up to 5,000 inhabitants contribution equal to 50,000 €.
  • BAND B: between 5,001 and 10,000 inhabitants contribution of €70,000
  • BAND C: between 10,001 and 20,000 inhabitants contribution of €90,000
  • BAND D: between 20,001 and 50,000 inhabitants contribution of €130,000
  • BAND E: between 50,001 and 100,000 inhabitants contribution of 170,000 €.
  • BAND F: between 100,001 and 250,000 inhabitants contribution of 210,000 €.
  • BAND G: over 250,000 inhabitants contribution of 250,000 €.

The grantee municipality is required to begin the execution of works for the implementation of public works by September 15, 2021, both in the case of new works and in the case of expansions of works already planned and financed.

What can TMR do for an administration or municipality?

Our company can help governments bring sustainable mobility to the local area: creating bike share systems from scratch with very little impact on the local area and easy to manage with youBike or by putting disused systems back into operation, with our Alpha Kit or, again, by implementing sharing systems for vehicles other than bikes such as scooters and cars, with Flex.

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