After several municipalities including. Villafranca Tirrena, Palermo and Lucca, where we created Italy’s first station-based cargo bike share, the Lazio municipality of Bracciano also chose youBike and TMR to invest in sustainable mobility. Three stations for a town taking important steps toward new urban transportation modes.

Made possible by a funding of the Ministry of the Interior, which allocates to municipalities between 10,000 and 20,000 inhabitants a grant of 90 thousand euros for the implementation of projects in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable land development, the Bracciano system is fully managed by youBike, our cloud bike sharing platform which allows unlocking, payment and management of the service by the user through apps.

“We are very happy to bring our technology into the hands of Bracciano users.” Says Pietro Terranova, head of software at TMR. “The goal is always to provide the best user experience in the industry so as to increase awareness and perception of ease of use and affinity between the service and people. For us, this is the greatest responsibility and represents the primary mission .”

The inauguration is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, Nov. 14 , in the town famous for its lake of the same name, with the mayor in attendance and a practical demonstration of all the features offered.
“We are putting in place,” said Bracciano Mayor Armando Tondinelli, “all actions aimed at bringing citizenship but also tourists closer to sustainable and shared mobility. This is a small step in the direction of sustainability, but several other initiatives will follow. The use of Bike Sharing is a great way to leave the car at home, as much as possible, and experience the city, moving around more easily and making daily actions healthy, actually improving the quality of life. Especially at this time, we need to become aware of the importance of changing travel habits and actively contribute to the decrease ofpollution.”