Bike sharing is back in Enna thanks to the innovative AlphaKit TMR and our youBike management platform.

We are familiar with the critical issues of the “system-bike sharing” in Italy: over time, the batteries of pedal-assisted bicycles, without proper maintenance, lose their efficiency; the bike locking and unlocking structures, if not treated properly, can succumb to wear and tear and weather.

The City of Enna has given us the opportunity to restore a disused system and bring it to new functionality and efficiency without further impact on the territory. We have, with the help of our conversion kit, transformed non-functioning stations into up-to-date, fully operational systems while maintaining existing infrastructure and in a short time.

Five cycle stations equipped with information totems have been installed, each of which has no. 10 bicycle charging and locking stations exactly located in:

  • Diaz Ave. no. 73 (Enna Alta);
  • Via Lombardia/Viale Caterina Savoca (Enna Alta);
  • Piazza Sant’Anna (Lower Enna);
  • Via Toscana (Lower Enna);
  • Via dei Miti (Pergusa).

To be able to use the service, simply register for the “youBike® app” available free of charge on the stores.

The cost of the service includes the first forty-five minutes free of charge, and subsequent 30-minute increments will cost €0.50.

For more information, you can visit the dedicated page of the website of the municipality of Enna .

To learn more about our innovative kit, contact us!