Thanks to the Growth Decree, administrations can receive grant funding for sustainable land development projects. A theme that, along with constant innovation is carrier for our daily activity. We try to find solutions suited to the small and large territorial realities of Italy, engaging in technological experimentation every day: as we did with our AlphaKit. A system to convert all disused bike share facilities into useful and functional platforms for the entire municipality.

What is the growth decree?

Article 30 of Decree-Law no. April 30, 2019, no. 34 (DL Crescita) provides for the allocation of grants to municipalities for the implementation of projects related to investments in energy efficiency and sustainable territorial development. These include sustainable mobility. This is a unique opportunity for administrations that aim to cut down harmful emissions caused by traditional means of transportation, offer an extra service to their citizens, and position themselves as a cutting-edge reality in the national and European territory.

This is exactly what it consists of

The 37.5 million euros available are distributed by decree of the Minister of Economic Development among municipalities with a population of less than 1,000, with a non-repayable contribution of €19,329.89 per municipality.

Public works can be financed for the implementation of energy efficiency measures, including:

  • Public lighting efficiency,
  • Energy saving in public buildings,
  • Installation of energy production plants from renewable sources
  • Sustainable spatial development including sustainable mobility,
  • Adaptation and securing of schools, public buildings and municipal assets,
  • Removal of architectural barriers.

What can TMR do for affected administrations?

The projects we are most proud of can help administrations revolutionize sustainable mobility in their area. With youBike, we can create a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use cloud-based bike sharing infrastructure for both end users and administrations that is seamlessly integrated with existing management systems and scalable to the specific needs of the institution.

AlphaKit, on the other hand, is designed for those who have already decided to invest in sustainable mobility but have failed to take full advantage of the facility’s features. We have devised a system to salvage and enhance all existing or disused bike share systems, designed to transform currently non-functioning or worn-out stations into up-to-date and fully operational systems, while maintaining the existing infrastructure, eliminating any type of intervention on the landscape and in a short time.

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