In an effort to provide increasingly accurate tools for managing the Covid-19 outbreak, TMR is pleased to support the release of an application for Android devices whose purpose is the tracking of quarantined Coronavirus-positive patients.

The application, named CovidQ, was developed independently by Dr. Domenico Campanile, a computer scientist with a degree from the University of Messina who is an expert in Android application development and cloud computing, as well as a valuable contributor to TMR, where he deepened his knowledge of Kotlin, the programming language used to compile the app.

Operation is simple and straightforward: once launched, the application requires as its only permission access to the device’s geolocation services and starts a 14-day countdown, recording the phone’s location during the two-week mandatory quarantine; this allows an interactive map (HeatMap) to be plotted showing the possible movements of those who have gone into voluntary isolation because they have come into contact with infected patients or returned from so-called “red zones.”


The collected data are recorded in a database and can be accessed at any time for statistical and/or predictive analysis for the current or possible future emergency; however, the user can decide at any time to delete the location history data to protect his or her privacy.

Demonstrating his concrete commitment to the fight against Coronavirus, Dr. Campanile has made the source code of the app available for free, so that it can help government, law enforcement and health agencies to strengthen strategies to control the epidemic based on data collected from smartphones, thus avoiding the further deployment of control forces on the ground, benefiting the health and safety of the community.

TMR expresses its wholehearted support for initiatives to effectively curb the Covid-19 epidemic as well as its pride in being able to collaborate with a team of professionals with outstanding human and professional qualities.