Freight transport in the city has a not insignificant impact on air quality and pollution. In Lucca alone, it contributes 25% of the city’s pollution, according to calculations presented on the site.
The European Life Aspire project, aims to reduce the traffic generated by deliveries. TMR will provide the city of Lucca with a fleet of cargo bikes: bikes designed to transport goods and heavy objects.
In addition to the obvious reduction in emissions and impact on the environment, the project also makes sure that the land is protected. Freight transport, driven by the principles of efficiency and speed, often ends up harming and damaging historic roads in built-up areas. Thanks to the system designed for Lucca, it is possible to protect the urban environment without sacrificing the outcome or reducing citizens’ opportunities.

TMR is pleased to take an active part, taking care of the supply, installation and maintenance of the Cargo Bike Stations system, in a project unique in Italy and present, in Europe, only in Life Aspire partner cities such as Stockholm in Sweden and Zadar in Croatia. An ambitious plan that makes Lucca one of the first cities in Europe to test sustainable freight transport solutions on its territory.

With Life Aspire, an innovative system will be implemented to serve the city by pursuing three technological objectives: the implementation of an intelligent goods transport control system using Rfid sensors, the use of an innovative goods loading/unloading system to serve commercial operators, and the provision of a cargo-bike sharing system to transport goods in the most important areas of the historic center.

The TMR bike sharing system, youBike, continues to evolve to adapt to the needs of every city, including this new type of vehicle and demonstrating the great flexibility of our systems, aimed at always achieving the same big goal: making urban transportation more sustainable and less harmful to our planet.

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