Inaugurated the 19 of April 2015, the “Halaesa in Bici” bike sharing system, which was already characterized by thetechnological innovation of the charging system for electric bikes, which is done by means of solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels, now evolves by making smart bicycle mobility thanks to youBike.

As of today, in fact, the youBike app, made by TMR, operator of the bike-sharing service, has revolutionized the way people sign up and use the system:

  • you can register directly from app or web management( with a few simple clicks bypassing the physical front office of the Bike Points. You just need to download the youBike app from the digital stores(Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, and Windows Store), enter your information, and unhook your bicycle. The user is guided through a few simple steps to register.
  • the release will be done directly from the app so and it is possible to release the chosen bicycle through the use of the youBike app;

But for those without the latest devices? What to do?

TMR has also thought of this: the registration operation can also take place at one of the Bike Points, and the release can also be done with an electronic card, which can be found at the Bike Points at the time of registration.

Do not preclude yourself from this unique experience!