All born of the sharing economy, free-floating bike sharing takes on disruptive dimensions that are constantly evolving. Companies able to seize the opportunities will be able to expand their business models. With a wink to sustainable and responsible business development. Free-floating bike sharing may soon translate to more conveniently free-flowing bike sharing for consumers at home, thanks to TMR. The Sant’Agata di Militello company is ready for the challenge coming from China.

In the Land of the East, the service is a flood, because all it takes is an App on one’s device to find the bike, unlock it, and use it without a vehicle shelter station. This is where the novelty lies. Sharing does not need infrastructure. Technology becomes a factor of “green” enjoyment in traffic congested cities. To which should be added the smaller towns where bike sharing is a functioning reality and qualifies the livability of the country. TMR is ready to take up the challenge having in its stable technology already proven in youBike®, the system entirely developed by its development and research division.

This is the starting point for youBike® F2, with which TMR enters the free-floating market, with an integrative module in the Hi-Tech system, already proven elsewhere, combining everything in intelligence and connection. A new era of sustainable mobility therefore has already dawned for the benefit of Italian users, who are increasingly attracted by the usefulness and affordability of a service, more so than any other European citizen. Bartering for an Italian is not easy so youBike F2 shows the best side, for a simple and usable approach right at home.

Pushing in this direction is Tindaro Terranova, TMR’s administrator, who already has very clear ideas about future development: “We are always careful. We continue to invest in what we believe in, implementing technology and reliability to an advanced system. Entering the free-floating bike-sharing market allows us to broaden our horizons and offer ourselves with humility, but with determination toward a new challenge.”

He is followed “closely” by Pietro Terranova, TMR’s Head of Software who says, “We are very happy about what we have thought, designed and implemented. Always with great passion The youBike® system once again proves to be the technological leader in innovation, stability and safety. We can’t wait to see him at work!”